Girl Night // Santana & Brittany

Santana smiled to herself as she parked her motorbike and climbed off it gracefully, taking her helmet off and clipping it to the vehicle. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling it back behind her ears - eyes shining as bright as her smile.┬áSantana shifted the bag on her back slightly, pulling it off from her shoulders so that she could reach inside. Because of all the hours she had been taking lately at work, and all of the practicing Brittany had been doing recently for training, the two had never really found the time to get together as much as before. But now, with a pot of cookie dough ice cream clutched in her hand as she walked up to Brittany’s house; Santana was ready for one of their old ‘Girl Nights’.

Despite the fact that they had both agreed at last minute, Santana still couldn’t help but look forward to it. She had been getting too stressed out with modeling and Santana knew how much pressure Brittany was putting on herself to make her dance routines perfect. This was the perfect opportunity for them to relax. So, with a grin still tugging at her lips, Santana raised her hand and knocked on the door.

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